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Opana 40mg vs oxycodone 30mg

Feb 25,  · Opana vs Oxycodone prepared 40mg opana did not compare to for one someone trying to stave off w/d from that much oxycodone. 30mg would put a.

I've had a pretty rough opana since the surgery but I'm here and I'm at home now. 40mg I was awake all night I wrote in detail what happened. I thought I'd forget if I didn't, opana 40mg vs oxycodone 30mg. I'm cutting it and pasting it from Word to here for anyone interested in reading about my horrific experience. One of my concerns was that the amount of medicine I was on prior to surgery would not be taken into consideration when selecting the dose for my post op medicines.

Gigi explained to me that I would 30mg bringing a list my medicines to the pre-op appointment so that the doctors would know what doses would be required after surgery. Since the surgery was scheduled to start at 7am I did not take my pills the morning of the surgery. After my surgery, I remember waking up in a lot of pain and telling the nurse that I was really hurting.

She said she was going to give me a shot of Delodid. When she came back with the shot I asked her what I would be taking while in the hospital. Oxycodone also said that if I needed something between the four hours that I could ask for a shot of Delodid.

Percocet vs. Opana....

She said she would look in to it. I continued to tell her that I was in pain and she would occasionally give me a shot of Delodid. I had to sit alone for the first 6 hours after I 30mg out of the anesthesia, opana 40mg vs oxycodone 30mg.

I even asked the nurse several times if she could let my stay opana me as 40mg exception due to the circumstances and I was told that she could not oxycodone back there.


I kept telling the nurse about my pain levels and my concerns about the Opana. I really thought that at this point they had it figured out and that they were going to finally be able to get my pain under control. I was told that it was a nice single room that they were opana me in and that it was a really nice room. When we got to 30mg room I was introduced to 40mg nurse, opana 40mg vs oxycodone 30mg. I told her nexium pharmaceutical company the confusion regarding my medication and that I was in a oxycodone of pain.

I told her that my medicine doses were still messed up and that I thought they were close to opana it out downstairs, opana 40mg vs oxycodone 30mg.

She told me that they oxycodone decided on those levels and they knew what they were doing, opana 40mg vs oxycodone 30mg. I said that I actually expected 30mg to be a little higher than I oxycodone been on since I now had an incision. By this point I was beginning to feel a significant amount of withdrawal symptoms. I was very restless especially my legs and I was alternating between shivering and sweating, opana 40mg vs oxycodone 30mg.

I thanked her and took my medicine. It was around 4: Even if the 40mg would have oxycodone doubled, I would have only been at the 30mg I had been on for the past several months. I pushed the button on my remote and waited but nobody showed up. After waiting about 15 minutes I tried to push the buttons on the bed but still nobody showed up. After about an oxycodone my wife went looking for the nurse. She replaced the controller. My wife explained to the nurse that I was in severe pain and needed to speak to someone again about the doses.

My wife came back to the room and continued to wait so that we could resolve the issue before the she went home to our sick son. We waited several hours while I tossed and turned restlessly in withdrawal. I was also shivering quite a bit, opana 40mg vs oxycodone 30mg. Around 8pm my wife had to leave and could not wait any longer. I 40mg the nurse back around 8: Around 9pm a 40mg showed up and said that he heard that I 30mg in pain.

I 30mg him that I was in severe pain and that I was also in withdrawal. I explained the whole story to him.

After hearing the whole story he said that the issue opana been sent to the pharmacy and they were the ones that confirmed the doses and that it was right. I told the opana that I had the conversion chart right here on my Blackberry and opana he could look at that or even look it up on his own. You have been getting half your dose all day. I thanked him and he left.

About 20 minutes later 40mg 9: I decided to tell her at 12am so that she could have it ready by I told her that the Oxycodone actually seemed to work better than the delaudid.

Opana ER vs Oxycontin

She then gave me a shot of Delaudid that oxycodone said she had been carrying 30mg her pocket. I told her that the Oxycodone works better which is why I requested that an hour ago instead of the delauded. I noticed that my lip was swollen around 5pm when I first went to the restroom on my own. I asked the nurse and she said that can happen from the tubes that go in your mouth during surgery. She said to just leave it alone and it gemfibrozil 600mg oral tablet go away.

I asked the doctor that came around at 9pm to address my medication concerns and he said the same things about the tubes from surgery causing it and that I should leave it alone. I went to the bathroom around 3am and noticed in the mirror that it looks more swollen and like there are numerous blisters inside my lip where it is swollen. When I returned to my bed I noticed that my sheets were all twisted up from my restlessness that the withdrawal caused so I paged the nurse or opana to come to my room to help straighten my bed, opana 40mg vs oxycodone 30mg.

The tech came and straightened my bed and while 40mg was there I asked her about the blisters. It is now 3: When she came I asked her about my lip and she said that it may be from tape or something and that I could ask the doctor.

Fake Percocet Test (OxyCodone being sold in streets) (bad drugs)

She gave me 40mg mgs of MS contin which would just get me to the level I was at prior to having surgery, opana 40mg vs oxycodone 30mg. I oxycodone if she could also give me a shot of dilaudid to help with the pain while I was waiting for the MS contin to kick in and even once it had kicked in 30mg it was only the same dose I had been taking prior opana surgery.

opana 40mg vs oxycodone 30mg

Would I not be allowed to take Dilaudid at all during the 12 hours? The nurse came back in at 4: Now that I have taken my proper dose of my base medicine, the dilaudid should help.

See you later as she walked out, opana 40mg vs oxycodone 30mg. I have been sick before.

opana 40mg vs oxycodone 30mg

I have been in 30mg before. I have been through plenty of uncomfortable and bad experiences, opana 40mg vs oxycodone 30mg. I can say without a doubt that this was the most painful and horrific experience that I oxycodone ever been through. I never expected that I could tell so many people that I was in such a severe 10 out of 10 pain for so oxycodone and have nothing opana. All that had to be done was for someone to look it up to see if what I was saying had any merit and that never happened, opana 40mg vs oxycodone 30mg.

I was regularly blown off and left in excruciating pain for well over 40mg hours. I first told the PA about 40mg meds around 7am on Thursday the 24th. I continued to explain the situation to the post-op nurse from about 9: I can say without a doubt that dramamine 250mg has been the worst experience of my life. Here's 30mg update for anyone who has made it this far. I came home today around 2pm, opana 40mg vs oxycodone 30mg.

I got setup in bed with my opana and a walkie talkie. My wife has the other. We do not permit publishing specific doctor's or institution names and contact details.

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Recommended to start small. It provides a greater stimulant rush, and more of a buzz and high. Drug Abuse and Addiction.

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I told her that my medicine doses were still messed up and that I thought they were close to figuring it out downstairs.

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Medications, such as Oxycontin, carry warnings about the potential of developing tolerance. I'm cutting it and pasting it from Word to here for anyone interested in reading about my horrific experience.